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In the Beginning...

It all began over drinks (as most important historikal events on Mutha Oith begin), one dark night in the salon of the Slog Skooner 'Thundarr Down Undarr'.

Phyllin Mac Krakin and Zlozz Kirpanski, both having accepted a job on an expidition into the Underwhere, sat sipping intoxicants and planning how to spend the pile o' clams they would surely accumulate on the expidition.

Phyllin was planning world domination, luckily Zlozz was able to reign him in a bit and instead they thought it would be cool to have aplace where explorers of the Underwhere could get together, drink heavily, and expose themselves with out running afoul of the local Hoink Squad.

Despite the odds weighing heavily against them, they actually did step in it figurativly as well as literally and by virtue of agreeing to provide a continuous supply of slog poop, procurred exclussivle rights to traverse the Crusty Ones' Cavern complex, and first dibs on the shinnies they produce (which they literally pay poop for) in perpetuity!

The clams just came rolling in. Their riches were used to charter the "Mutha Oith Underwhere Explorer's Societe'" with chapter houses in most of the larger bergs on Mutha Oith. Their members can availathemselves of the facilities, get grub, availathemselves of the libraries, get basic medical care and have a place to flop for the night for them and their friends.

Over time, the M.O.U.E.S'. spun off several other societe's: The Overland Explorer's Societe' and the Aquanut Exploerer's Societe'. The Whole Hole Explorer's Societe was then formed as an umbrella organization to encompass the other societe's and the Chapter Houses got new signage to that effect. Now each chapter house has libraries for the Underwhere, Overland and Sea Explorers.