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What is the Whole Hole Explorer's Societe'?

There is this guy, Andy Hopp. Andy is not only the most creative person I know, but a down right genuinely good hooman bean. Andy has created this incredibly imaginative setting for Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds Deluxe Role Playing System. I use the term "System", because this rule set is a framework that can be used for a variety of settings - one of which is Andy's! Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (ReDredged) now available from the Lowtique in digital format and in Hard Copy from the Lowtiue or at your FLGS!

This is a Fan Site for that game (Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly). Created by fans, for fans, hosting materials by fans for fans. This site is completely unofficial! Materials presented here are not to be considered official or endorsed by Andy in any way. They are presented for use in your home games and should be considered "house rules".

Whole Hole Explorer Societe' Living Low Adventures do count toward Living Low experience (They will be marked as Living Low Approved!).

Living Low is the Low Life living campaign. Of course if you don’t know what a living campaign is that information may be of limited value. Allow me to explain:

A tabletop RPG living campaign allows participants to create a character (using a preordained and uniform set of rules) and play that character in multiple adventures at various conventions, game days, and private gaming sessions. The character gains experience and equipment along the way and maybe, just maybe, learns a little bit more about himself (or herself) in the process. After each session a player’s character information is entered into a database and his or her (or its) progress is recorded. These characters may be used in any official-ish Living Low game.

Go HERE to find out more about Living Low!