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Below you will find the core stats for some legal characters that you can then overlay a race on (taking whatever traits you get from the race) and then swap out any of MY choices for your own. As long as you keep it one for one—you should end up with a legitimate character easy-peasy!

Each Pod contains a core of a character - just the core necessities, a fully created sample character and the sample on a character sheet form!


  Oldster - Seek Knowledge ABout the Past Link
  Weisenheimer - Think a lot Link


  Arteest (See below for example slave) Link
  Craftspeep Link
  Ham Link
  Word Wiggler (Hair Bare Companion Link) Link


  Beast Puncher (Chumly Companion Hamster Link) Link
  Gadabout Link
  Price-o-corn Link
  Tubpuddler Link

Werkin' Stiffs

  Booty Hunter Link
  Gangsta Link
  Hoink Link
  Lashmaster Link
  Peed On Link
  Pimp Link
  Scrapper Link
  Slave (See Peed-on above)  
  Smoovster Link
  Snoot Link
  Strumple Link
  Waremonger Link

Zazz Wagglers

  Contanimator Link
  Danged Wrangler Link
  Dementalist Link
  Giggity-Gigger Link
  Hocus Poker Link
  Holy Roller Link
  Smellcaster Link
  Weirdo Link