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Joining Living Low / The Whole Hole Explorer's Societe'

Joining the W.H.E.S (Whole Hole Explorer's Societe') is absolutely free and with no obligations what-so-ever. We will absolutely not share any of your personal information, but we will require an eMail address to get you set up - You will recieve your account log in information to that eMail address.

Ok so here's the scoop - When you join the Whole Hole Explorer's Societe' you are automatically set up in the Living Low Living Campaign, but your character isn't activated in the campaign until you email us a copy of your filled out character sheet PDF. Joining the Living Low Living Campaign is ALSO free an with no obligation what-so-ever. Upon activating your account, you will receive information on how to activate your Living Low Character should you wish.

Your personna in the W.H.E.S. organization takes the form of a Low Life characters. Contributions of fan material you make to W.H.E.S can even earn you real in-campaign benefits - the first you get automatically by joing W.H.E.S. You earn the Edge "Whole Hole Explorer's Societe' Big Member" which gets you character access to the W.H.E.S. chapter houses in the Living Low world!

So all you have to do to join the Whole Hole Explorer's Societe' is fill out this form and submit it. You will receive an eMail with further directions on getting started, what services we provide and how to participate in submitting material.

Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your eMail Address
Your Character's Name

Player eMail - This is REQUIRED - without this, the player can not be set up