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Welcome to the Whole Hole Explorer's Societe'!

Within the context of these web pages, The Whole Hole Explorer's Societe' is an exclusive explorer's club. Chapter houses can be found in all the major cities on Mutha Oith. W.H.E.S. should be thought of in the same light as the Explorer's Societies and Gentlemen's Clubs of the 1800's in Great Britain: Old Mansions, lavishly furnished and frequented by Well-to-do explorer's and Natural Scientists where they gather in the evenings, sip sherry and recount the tails of their adventures. African wildlife heads mounted on the wall, a Zulu warrior's spears mounted beside.

Putting a Low Life spin on the meme, W.H.E.S. is an organization open to Gadabouts, Oldsters, Beast Punchers, Booty Hunters, Price-o-corns, Snoots, Tubpuddlers, Wisenheimers and other peeps of means. Join us within, pull up a richly appointed plorp skin lined comfty chair, have Jeeves bring you a quaff of the 485 yafwaf skotch and recount your best tales of high adventure!